Friday, June 22, 2007


Another day of strong winds, but the task wasn't called off. Tons of folks landed in the main LZ, including most of Team Aloha. Our landings were death-defying elevator rides through strong turbulent winds - Greg hit the ground hard after his wing went parachutal. But Quentin persevered, along with about 30 other pilots, and made his waypoints before bailing out of the valley towards goal. We haven't heard from him yet, but we're hoping he made it in to represent us. The final celebration BBQ is tonight at the meet HQ, and then there's one more task tomorrow. Some of us will continue on to the Nationals in Lakeview tomorrow night after the last task, and our first task for the Nationals is the next morning. More details soon!

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Anonymous said...

Is Greg OK after his hard landing?