Saturday, June 23, 2007

All In

Just before we came to the Rat Race, Pete was spreading the word about the nightly poker games he planned for the campground, like last year. Bob was heard to say that he was "all in" for the games. I don't think he actually ever made it to the poker tournament, but I know he was feeling like a bit of a loser in the flying competition. The flying had been challenging for everyone, but Bob was having a lot of trouble getting his game on.

But on the last day, Bob went all in. Just like in a poker game where you gamble all your stakes on one last play, Bob gritted his teeth and flew his heart out on the last day of the competition, making it all the way to goal for the first time ever. Bob got to goal right behind our local host Paul, who is a top comp pilot here. And he was the first of the Hawaii pilots to goal! He was followed by Ray, Nick and Jetflap. That was the most pilots we got into goal during the whole meet. It was actually a very difficult day, with the strong winds shredding the thermals at launch and making the gaggles into a chaotic mess. I tried to escape the main valley but finally gave up and hit the dirt along with Scrappy and Greg. Quentin made all the waypoints short of goal.

We don't have the final Hawaii standings yet, but we think Brazilian Ray has claimed the title of State Champion. I am proud to pass it on - he has been flying like a serious competition pilot. Now we are at the Nationals in Lakeview, and we have been joined by Fireman Dave. Today will be our first task - stay tuned for updates.

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