Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Brazilian first in goal in today's task

A Brazilian was first in goal today, but it wasn't Ray -- it was Frank Brown, Brazil's greatest comp pilot, who we are hosting at our motel. He and twelve of the top US comp pilots flew a possible record breaking 148 km from Lakeview to French Glen for the third task of the Nationals. Quentin jumped over the back and made it some distance past the first turnpoint, but the rest of us got minimum distance by dirting near the LZ. It was very windy from a cross direction, and the thermals were shredded and very hard to work. I ran back up to relaunch but decided it didn't look worth trying. Some very good pilots opted not to fly at all today. But it was impressive to see how far the real serious pilots could go. I heard that their tailwind was so strong their groundspeed exceeded 100 km per hour, as they cruised near cloudbase at around 14,000 feet. It was basically the same task as yesterday, except with more than twice the distance.