Saturday, June 16, 2007

Winding Up

We are in Medford now. Check back soon for updates. Aloha, Don.

Oh, and by the way, Quentin went holo holo while the rest of us stood on launch unable to muster the nerve to launch. Dangler had a nice flight, and landed in the LZ in bumpy air, but Quentin went to the other side of Jacksonville with Len Szafaryn and Mike Steed. These are both top shelf pilots, and Q did quite well, though at the time he figured he was just keeping up w/the Joneses. Something tells me that Alex has his work cut out for him if he wants to keep his title of Hawai'i Rat Race champion. Alex has vowed to repeat his victory of last year, and has some ideas of how to circumvent Q's competitive drive. Alex is also going to have to deal with some other motivated contenders such as Ray with his new SOL Tracer. Ray tells us that he intends to 'win one for Brazil' even though he's registered as an American this year. It's hard to know how serious he is, though, since he's been passed out for hours after mixing up a huge batch of caipirinhas. We'll have to see what he has in store when the morning comes. The Fussball tourney rages on. Out. Bob.

And now for the real news: Over 20 Hawaii pilots are scattered all over the Rogue and Applegate Valleys. Many are at the campground, some are at motels in Jacksonville and Medford, and four of us are in local pilot Paul's basement. Paul and his family are the most generous hosts ever. Their ranch is a wildlife wonderland, with horses, goats, chickens, beehives, three very personable dogs, a cat, a muskrat, a weasel, and a duckling-eating bullfrog. The weather the last few days was good, and many pilots have got warmed up nicely. But the four basement bombers waited out the strong wind today, watching Q and Greg brave the bumpy conditions and saving our balls for tomorrow's game. Bob and Don are trying to portray me as a serious competitor, but anyone who has flown with me lately knows I am a mediocre thermaller and I am at the nadir of my confidence these days. I plan to fly well within my comfort level, and I hope everyone else does the same, whatever that means for them. Comps like this are a great opportunity to learn a lot, but I think the trick is to stretch yourself without pushing too hard outside your comfort zone. More soon, Alex.

Besides the blast we're having from the north winds, we're having a blast with the other pilots and at Paul's house. Alex forgot mention about the cherry trees....yummy! At the headquarters we had some uploading: waypoints for the GPS and margaritas for the pilots.The hawaii team shirt is a big success and everybody wants one! Thanks Alex! We're all trying to understand how the weather and valleys winds work; Alex is figuring it out pretty well and he has a good flying plan for tomorrow, first day of comp. good luck to us all!
To those back home, some folks are being missed much :(
aloha! Brazilian Ray